I'm from Brazil and I am an international music artist who seeks to increase the positive frequency of people through music, concert and live streaming.

I've been always "hunting" this energy, I could identify it in many festivals and shows, that magical and unique moment that made people feel in a total state of celebration followed by the feeling of happiness and fulfilled. But over time in my research, I realized that artists and producers created these moments without realizing it, without specific planning, so sometimes everything worked and sometimes didn't work. To the point that only small moments were really capable of transmitting this frequency when most of the time it was lost, leaving only a set of scenes and music in an after movie video or advertisement for upcoming events. Still, even a brief moment of it was worthwhile, because the feeling of gratitude is vital to each person, and the greatest stage of that feeling is a celebration. But what if we could increase this time? What if it wasn't just a moment? What if we could recreate this frequency and keep it longer? What would be the results for people? How much would this impact on each other's lives? A positive energy injection into your life. Was at this moment that my real research and goal began.

I have 13 years of music study in parallel with my study and practice with the music industry, entertainment, art, culture, world history, brain training classes and lectures on human behavior. Five years ago I started testing using songs that I produced and some others within the frequency set by me at concerts. Even with the extremely positive results, I preferred to develop more tests in a larger group of people, it was when I started testing on live streaming.

Five months ago in a total of 140 days, we obtained 602,265 people in 286 hours. In another test, more improved we reached 4430 people in 42 hours. My main idea is to enhance through music and interaction this sense of celebration that leads people to a state of happiness, more often so that people's lives are actually impacted in a positive way, without any manipulation. To make it more effective and reach more people by becoming shows where we can increase the frequency and connections, we are now seeking to gather even more people. It's fantastic when "Best time of day", "Sounds like a Festival!", "What an incredible energy!" are the immediate and repeated feedbacks all the time, now imagine how this would be live. It will be the result of increasing the best moment of the show during an entire show, which is already happening right here.

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