Life is not how you think it is. Life is how you feel.

Success is a type of energy (frequency) which often is referred to a group of victories.

Victory is a type of energy (frequency) that is followed by a celebration. 

People visualize and want the success but either they forget to celebrate or they do it wrong because the celebration is another energy, it can happen on a party but is not just "partying".

When you are exposed to a strong frequency you automatically turn to be in the same energy (resonates), most of the times I've bet you did it and felt it without being conscious about it.

As a songwriter, mostly on EDM  I refer to this to the "Lose Your Mind Moments" which is when you forget for a few seconds every single problem in your life and how much tired you are of the "trying" situation, suddenly you feel like this is what you live for and somehow there you are achieving something. Celebration, which is a victory, which is a success, this is not the map to a happy life because thankfully nature is fair and no one can dictate or even understand what will make the other one happy, everyone has their own purpose and for that, their own freedom. This is the wind that moves your ship. I'm telling you this now because I want to teach you to use music in your benefit, being conscious about it, you can't see the wind but you can feel it, it moves you and can take you to wherever you want to be.

Just this information already can change your life, Is part of my 13 years of studying, practicing, and gathering information so three years ago I could start seeing the results of my theories and only during five months ago in 286 hours divided in 140 days, we saw it happening with 602.265 people in live streaming.

I am a music artist that crave for the potential impact of thousands of people feeling so positive thought celebration, continuous about it so they can remember how to re-use this power in their lives. I'm tired of a world showing the worse side and trying to make people believe this is a reality, making fun of people's mistakes, treating people as incompetents and victims of situations, taking of our freedom in the most coward way, that is making we believe that "It is what it is", "This is how the world works", "You are not capable because....". It's not just a show, it's not just a live streaming, it's not just a song, is how I can reactive this energy inside you and you make this a long term memory, I studied, I did it, so you can have fun and make it easy to change your energy every time you need it.

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