Grateful For Our Amazing Audience

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

I'm so grateful for this 5 weeks, is overwhelming how much is true that we all need to follow our purpose - The Kraken Music .

This numbers on Instagram are a part of what we are already seeing as a result.

We chose to be more focused on the XXI century with live streaming and an entire experience.

We think people look for an experience instead of just entertainment, since Instagram has already 9 years, using it just for posting pictures gathering followers seemed ancient, but we used to do just that as everyone does too.

After 140 days doing lives on live-streaming apps we understood the power that would be for us to behave differently, we also know is not for everyone, but we had 602.265 people as the audience in 286 hours of live streaming. With all the information based on ourselves and the audience we are now able created an experience instead of just creating a post and we changed gradually our biggest social media performance, we upgrade everyday our relationship with our audience on our own way.

These results show the reflex of how our experience growth is advancing fast, more connected, more XXI century. We are grateful for changing, seeing the different, improving, having the results and most of all we are grateful for our amazing audience.

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