I've been "living" in the studio for the last 4 years. What can I say? I started music by studying it, I can even say now that I graduated. So, from the beginning, I can't say I had my own style because I didn't knew properly anything and I'm not saying I do now, but I know how to start. After studying for over 6-7 years I started to produce music in the studio, writing, singing and being the head of my first songs, at that time it was all rock n roll. Not a surprise, my family loves Rock n Roll, I was born listening to it. But in terms of producing is not a best choice. The problem is that bands are not a simple thing to work with, too many people to convince, get in the studio and record it all. Again, I'm not saying I won't ever go back to Rock n Roll, because it's something that will never leave my heart, but at that moment and still today this type of production doesn't fit my routine.

My solution was electronic music, at first because was only one producer and a computer, but I really decided when I heard "Fade into darkness" by Avicii for the first time.

It all made sense, it was not only a good choice in terms of optimization but also a chance to talk about what really matters and exploring my goal with music - changing people's energy with music.

I started to produce with a team of producers in Sweden, they also worked with the big guys such as Alesso, Avicii (...)

I learned a lot with myself in the studio, I was always pushing me harder to get better and better. The best songs I've produced that time, you can find on my Spotify by clicking Here. Now all that could be called conceptual songs but it was very popular 3 years ago. I can say I released them in the wrong time, it was too late because the electronic music "Boom" was already happening for the style I was producing, there was no time to build a strategy. And even if I had time I wouldn't know what to do. I just had learned about distributors and indie record labels, releasing the songs was already a victory for me.

Anyway, I was the new kid, but it didn't took long to be noticed, a record label from Italy got in contact, they wanted to try something. The problem was, that something was a Pop song and I had this stupid way of thinking I was too big for Pop. I was already in the electronic field, why should I go to Pop? Well I could slap myself if I could go back there, for thinking that type of absurd.

Luckily for me the challenge of trying something different made me do it and I got addicted to it.

I was recording something close to 4-5 songs per month for almost a year and they were getting better and better each time. The record label created a small label only for my songs, where we released 3 songs already. The second song released by my record label, was signed by Universal Music Italy and featured on Hit Mania's Album of hits of 2016.

I was shocked, my song "Pirates of Samba" was one of the few songs I had talking about me, where I came from and it was selected. I was creating my own way and it was different from what everyone else was doing, so that was the first time I could breath and maybe have the feeling of doing something right.

This is a good thing about life, nothing is the same for everyone and now in the music field, nobody really knows the rules, so you can see for yourself what works best for you. But after "Pirates Of Samba" , I needed a new challenge and I couldn't figure out what was my style. I had the chance to experience different areas in the Pop, even with rappers and Hiphop but I had the feeling I was always writing songs for other people to sing. This is not a bad thing but my problem was I had forgotten my words, what I would say. So I continued working with the record label but I stopped my career. I stopped promoting everything and decided to travel to Italy.

My idea was to work with the record label and finding new producers to work with, maybe I could find myself in the mean time.

It was one of my best decisions and nothing worked out the way I planned. The routine was terrible, far away from home, in a place I didn't knew the language and they moved in a different speed. Don't get me wrong, I love Rome with all my heart and all the places I visited. I learned a lot about myself and other people, I learned how to live and have real responsibilities and specially about having determination. But it wasn't easy, I thought about giving up almost every night, and I wasn't suffering at all. I was also having a great time as I said but I had to deal with starting from zero and going out there and talking with people I didn't knew and they had no idea of who I was too. The funny part is that in that period I had my first fans, I was stopped at the airport one time, gave my first autograph in a plane and I was also stopped in a street in Rome . It was all very emotionally challenging and exciting but I knew I had to move again.

So I went to the States and suddenly I felt at home, everything was familiar again, I was staying with my best friend and I could finally start building a strategy, a plan. I had enough time to do it and also had great help! I was trained as If I was an athlete, on how to do business, interviews, exploring my attitude without being rude and specially about the rap culture and references.

NYC was amazing for work, I met some great producers, had one of my best studio sessions and for the first time with different producers, had great meetings, my first real business discussion and I can't forget to say, I was with the best brooklyn family. They are like my own family now!

But I felt in my heart, it was time to move again. I had too much information, I knew what to do and the best place to do it was Brazil. I had all the insights about music industry and what could work for me internationally , it was time to work.

So I went back and started to work on my image and lifestyle, producing videos and images to be able to show my identity.

But at the same time I decided to make contact with the big record label in Brazil to sell songs that I would not use. I was already writing for producers all over the world, why not doing here too? It was and still is very good for me because I have experience on writing in different genres of music, I'm always updated on what's working and how is working on music, not only by my own regular research but also by my team from all over the world. And because I'm 23 so I'm close and know how to speak with young audience from different cultures as their own. It's something I've been creating during the years, I'm already used to keep working and updating myself that way, I'm always curious about what's next, even for just studying it.

But by helping other artist and producers to understand the industry in the Music Conference and writing articles for a electronic magazine, I was able to look closely and study why the big record labels were more interested on signing my own songs and me as a artist.

That is why I went back to the studio, it's finally time to start working on my new songs, combining everything that I stand for and having the best commercial strategy for it. I can say here that this has nothing to do with my posts and articles because that I do that from the heart. There's nothing better than sharing information, but I learned that is not about how you show your work to people, is about what you really learn for yourself, once you organized your thoughts you will see clearly what to do, and for that you will need to study, to see things before they happen.

I'm glad to finally be at the studio working in songs that I believe, exploring rhythms that make me feel something. It's a Pop project, it fit's my life, my lifestyle, my feelings. It's something I'm getting very proud of. You have to have to courage to talk with yourself using your music before you talk with other people, it's also a sign of respect. The very limit of being pop and commercial and at the same time be real. I owe that to myself, to the place I came from, I will be proud to show in quality the connection through cultures without being forced. It's something natural, is how I am.

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