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My Story 

To know me, first, you need to understand what I am made of. 

I am a mix of cultures, as my entire country is too. 

I have Italian, German, Portuguese, African and Brazilian Natives blood. 

Thought this influences me deeply, I can't classify because I don't know much about that past. Those who run can't carry bags, some stories I will never know. Even if it reflects on me today.

I was raised by a scientist, my mother. I have a strong influence on Asian culture because of her, especially with Chinese Medicine. I learned a lot about it since I was a child. But I learned how to communicate with iridologist because people have different ways to understand situations.

I always wanted to say something but I didn't know what it was, but Music did it differently. It taught me how to talk. 

As soon as I heard the sound frequency and let my mind create something incredible happened. It opened doors I didn't know existed, and it was in that moment I saw it for the first time. 


I saw the monster, my emotions are my Kraken, kind, cruel, lonely, angry, sad, happy, funny ...

Started to show in my lyrics, in my life, and even when I don't understand it. 

My only choice is to live it.

My creativity feeds my emotions and even when scares me, it worth it. 




1# The Discover

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