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Contos de Halloween

Madame Morte
Madame Morte

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Madame Morte
Madame Morte

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Chronic 1

Old Books 

Do you like to hear a real story?

With everything they once said it didn't exist

The myths are truth

Monsters do exist



And deep down you always knew

There was a lost ship a long time ago

It was lost in waters they didn't know

And this men in this ship

Would change the world forever

They found a hidden land

Never touched

Never explored

It had the warmest weather

Vast forests and extraordinary creatures

Time passed and this land became the refuge of every soul suffering the world's




And so many other disasters of mankind

People arrived afraid and with no choice but starting from zero

Different cultures, in a place so distinct of their home

But fear is the first stage of courage and courage leads to changes

Time passed again, It can be called a pirate land now where rules don't exactly apply and there for no rulers either

Don't ever confuse our wildness with unwisdom

Pirates are not known for being poor fellows or innocent creatures

Old stories and mysteries circles the land

Not every register arrived or were kept by the families

Some for protection, Some were simply lost

But the consequences, dreams, feelings lived in everydoby

Knowing or not

But in the middle of the land, at the right side of the coast there is a bay

And in this bay there is a place where the natives used to call hidden waters

In a family with decendents of africa, europe and natives was born a girl

And this girl would be a monster.

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