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Pirates House

Digital Happy Hour and Digital Fan Meeting


What it is?

Every day we have this one-hour live show on Instagram to recharge our energy and keep our frequency positive and compatible with the states of happiness and joy. 

How can I participate?

The Pirates House at Instagram is a free show that anyone can participate, check on our stories the countdown to know the time in your time zone. You can also press the button on the countdown to receive the notification or follow us on Instagram to receive the notification of the live show. 

How can I watch the previous shows?

Now you can watch all the recent episodes on our Instagram feed and also on IGTV.  

How can I send messages to The Kraken Music?

We encourage you to send messages during the live streaming because we receive a large number of messages per day on Instagram Direct Messages section, so it's very hard to keep tracking messages or replying to everyone the way we want to. If your message contains business content (Booking, Partnerships, Sponsorships and etc.) please sent it to our email

Where can I watch and participate?

Follow our Instagram Account to get the notification when we start our live streaming. (Weekly)

Bigo Live

Follow our Bigo Live Account to get the notification when we start our live streaming.


Gaming Live Streaming
Read more about it in our blog:



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